Felting Needles Set - 7 special felting needles (Star , Spiral & Crown needles)

  • $12.80

The felting needles we have are carefully selected. They are for you to explore new techniques and ideas in your needle felting projects. 

You can get a  set of 7 SPECIAL felting needles (1 each)  36 gauge  to 42 gauge (super fine) 

1. 36G Reverse/Unfelter - this needle with backwards barbs. It pulls fiber inside out instead of felting it in! It uses for untangles felted fiber and also can be use for creating some special effects on the surface of a blended colours projects.
2. 38G Star – quick felt needle but leave less hole on surface
3. 38G Star & Twisted – Amazing needle has Star & Twist base in one needle. Extra fast felting & making shapes and leaves smaller marks on the surface. Good for working with Merino wool. 
4. 38G Spiral – for deep punctures and hardening  
5. 40G Spiral – Ultra dense & will give a smooth finished on surface 
6. 42G Triangle – extra fine needle, excellent for details and 2D wool painting 
7. 42G Crown – a very special needle for adding specific details. 3 barbs (1 on each side). It is also a hair rooting needle for dolls making.  

To keep your felting needles safe and tidy you can click here to buy a felting needles container to store them. They are from $1.70 each. 

Needle felting Tip: If the needle will not enter a surface with ease do not force it. Possibly change a finer/higher gauge needle than the one you are using (example 40 gauge is finer than 36 gauge). 

Notice: These needles are sharp and should be use with care, we recommend to be use by ages 8 and up , 12 and under with adult supervision.