For beginner I will suggest to make a felt ball to start. By turning a handful of fluffy wool into a felt ball you will experience the felt process and learn how to make a very useful shape - a round shape. 

A lot of 3D sculptures are made of joining different pieces together. Learning how to make different shape is an important step. 

In this starter guide 2, I will show you how to make different shapes. These are my experience but not the only way to make them. You can create your own method that suit you better. 

Round Shape - A Ball

There are 2 common ways to make a felt ball


how to make a felt ball

2. Tie a small knot , wrap the wool over the knot and use the felting needle to start poking the loose end wool. Slowly rotate the ball and poke in various directions. The more you poke the firmer and more compact the wool becomes so you can sculpt the shape. If the surface is a bit lumpy just add a thin layer of wool on the uneven surface and gently felt it to make it smooth. 


Making flat pieces in different shapes: these are commonly use in animal ears, bird wings...


 how to felt a rabbit ear

Joining pieces together - As I mentioned before many 3D sculptures are joining different pieces together.

joining pieces together 

Make a bumble bee

make a needle felting bumble bee