About Us

Hi, I am Joanna, Here is a little bit about me and my Felting 4 Fun online shop (www.needlefelting.co.nz) 

I have never thought I could do any craft and did not realized that I had any artistic talents until I found this amazing fibre art - Needle Felting. I have become totally captivated and haven’t stopped since. I taught myself to needle felt by trial and error. Needle Felting now is not only my hobby but it feels like I am in the next step in the creative process - I want to be a needle felting sculpture artist.

Compared with other fibre art like wet felting, weaving …, needle felting is still not popular in NZ. When I started needle felting it was not easy to find a good range of colour wool rovings in small quantities. I eventually ended up with lot of wool in different colours as I had to buy 100gms in each colour. I started selling them in a market place in Oct 2015.

All the wool in my website is NZ wool. It includes: Corriedale wool – one of the best wools for needle felting because they are very soft, vibrant in colour, easy to felt and result in smooth soft sculpture; super soft merino wool – suitable for wet felting, weaving and spinning. We stock some other beautiful natural colour breed suitable for use as core wool and are preferable for making animals sculptures.

I also have a big range of felting needles in my shop and going to add more other related accessories from time to time. Please check out my shop to find out. 

I teach needle felting for school children and I run a regular needle felting group meeting at Pakuranga Library (Auckland) every 2nd Saturday at 1:30-2:30pm. I hope I can spread the love of needle felting and share this great hobby with more people. New and experiences ‘needle felter’ are welcome to join us.

When I am not busy with the business and felting you will find me enjoying my volunteer work, travelling and of course spending some time with my family.