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  Felting 4 Fun

Online shop www.needlefeltiing.co.nz was born in 2017. 

Hi, I am Joanna, here is a little bit about me and my Felting 4 Fun online shop (www.needlefelting.co.nz / www.felting4fun.co.nz )

I never thought I would become a “craft person” until I tried Needle Felting. My passion for needle felting began years ago when I saw a tiny little cat sculpture on the Internet which absolutely looked like a real cat. I then found out it was done by ‘needle felting’. WOW!!! I found it fascinating and I decided to give it a try. Once I started, I had so much fun with it and I became totally captivated with this fabulous hobby.

In 2017 after teaching needle felting to children in school holidays, I decided to promote beautiful NZ wool and share my love of needle felting with more people. My online shop Felting 4 Fun was born in August 2017.

Needle Felting now is not only my hobby and I hope I can through my website make this great fibre art more popular and accessible. We have the biggest range of needle felting starter packs in NZ. And we have supplied many schools, teachers and art classes for their needle felting and wet felting material.

Apart from very small amount of Merino Wool Nepps which are imported from Italy, all other wool on this website is NZ wool. The Corriedale roving and the  wool batt both are the best wools for needle felting because they are very soft, vibrant in colour and easy to felt. We also stock some beautiful natural colour wool that is suitable for use as core wool and is preferable for making animal sculptures. Our lovely and soft Merino wool is also suitable for wet felting, weaving and spinning. The curly wool locks are often being use by artists to create special effects on their artwork.

We have a big range of felting needles and will add more other related accessories to the website from time to time.

I also share my needle felting experiences in the this website Please Click Here to view them. 

Due to the COVID pandemic private tuition is currently not available but you are welcome to contact me on 021626168 for any questions.

GST number: 120-464-981, GST invoice is available by requested. 

Joanna & Felting 4 Fun