NZ Wool Roving Pack For Felting - X'mas colours

  • $11.00

This wool roving pack is perfect for create your X'mas decoration items

Corriedale Wool is one of the best wools for needle felting. This multi colours pack is also an excellent choice for all kind of wool craft/art projects like mini weaving, embellishing, wool dreadlocks and adding a spot of colour into spinning, wet felting and larger weaving.

I use them in my own needle felting project. They are very vibrant in colour, very soft & smooth, easy to felt and leave a minimum of fibre sticking out of the felted items.

All our wool are high quality NZ wool from South Island. 

6 rolls in a pack - 10-12gms in each colour (each roll approximately 65-75cm in length & 5-6cm width).

Colours: Forest Green, Black, Red, White, Chocolate Brown and Burgundy