Needle Felting Tool - Tweezers

  • $5.50

Use the right tool to get the perfect work done.

When felting fine details on a small item, one thing you will need is a good pair of tweezers to keep your fingers away from the felting needle.

These are a great pair of tweezers. They are made of high-quality stainless steel. The tips are fine and pointy which can hold the item firmly and with better precision for placement and steadying during felting.

Standard tip : 12.2cm

Curved tip: 11.5cm

Pair it up with our curved scissors  and  wooden handle awl in your needle felting tool box.

****These items are small so they may potentially cause choking hazard for young children, please keep them out of reach from children under the age of 5 and not recommended to use them for children's toys.