Needle Felting Tool - Mini Hand Carders

  • $22.00

Create your own colours for the needle felting projects 

You can click here find how to use the mini hand carders to create your own colours wool

These small size hand carders are a handy felting tool for blending small amount of fibre. They are ideal for mixing fibres to create your own colours or highlight for needle felting or wet felting projects.  They are convenient and comfortable to use.

Good for blending Corriedale roving, Merino sliver, or other unique fibres. You can also use them to fluff up some wool yarn or opening small amount of cleaned wool locks.

However, these mini hand carders are not intended for heavy duty use. If you are carding raw wool fleece, coarse fibres, or large amount of fleece for spinning, we would suggest using the full-sized hand carders. 

We have them in 2 sizes and are sold in pair (2 carders)

Regular: 11.5cm x 5.5cm with 12cm wooden handle

Small: 8.8cm x 4.5cm with 11cm wooden handle (Sold out)

Pair it up with our other useful tools curved scissors . Tweezers and Awl in your needle felting toolbox.

**This item has fine pins/tips which can be dangerous for young children or pets. We recommend keeping them safe and out of reach from children under 5.