Needle Felting Starter Pack - 12 Colours pack (A popular choice for beginner)

  • $31.10

We have the biggest selection of needle felting starter kits in New Zealand. 

These 12 colours starter packs have all you need to start needle felting -  4 different combinations. 

10-12 grams in each colour. More wool means you can make more items and have better value for your money. 

The pack includes:

- 12 colours NZ Corriedale wool roving 

- 50 grams Natural White Core Wool (use them to make basic shape for your sculpture)

- 4 felting needles ( 32G, 36G, 38G & 40G) or set of 8 needles (2 in each size)

- 1 high density felting foam pad (sizes: 12x12x5cm or 10x18x5cm or 16x16x5cm ) 

*Corriedale wool is one of the best wool for needle felting. They are vibrant in colour, very soft, smooth and leave minimum of fibres sticking out of the item you made. Easy to felt and weaving. 

*The core wool is good for making the basic shape. They are washed and carded. You can also use them to practice how to do needle felting at the beginning.

* The  4 different sizes felting needles suit for different stages of your felting work. 

* Our High density felting foam pad offers a very FIRM surface to support your felting work. (not normal upholstery or cleaning foam).