Needle Felting Handle - Pen Style 3 needles felting pen

  • $16.00
  • Save $2

This 3 needles felting pen has very similar design to the Japan made Clover felting tool. It gives you almost the feature but cost less.  They are very comfortable to hold and easy enough to use. You can use it as a single felting handle , a double pointer or complete 3 needles to get your work done faster.

The pen is very easy to unscrew to remove, add needles or change the needle sizes.

The felting tool comes with 3 felting needles (38 gauge triangle) + EXTRA 3 ADDITIONAL FELTING NEEDLES FOR REPLACEMENT (FREE)

Colour: Pink & Blue

The price $17.00 is for 1 pen + 3 additional needles. The pens in the photos are to show you how they can be used differently.

You can change the needles size but I will recommended to use a finer needle (38, 40 or 42 gauge) for this pen. The thicker needles (32 or 36 gauge) will create stronger resistance that makes harder to poke into the felting object.

****These items have sharp needles and can be dangerous for young children. We recommend to keep them out of reach from children under 6.