Needle Felting Accessories - Imitation animal noses (Round Nose)

  • $2.50

Nice realistic look craft noses for animal projects

They are incredibly detailed and give perfect finishing touch to any animal craft. They are not just for dog but also great addition to other animal like teddy bears, sloth, etc... 

These are Round noses but we also have other design - Square Nose & Triangle Nose please click on the link to view them. 

The craft nose original does not come with safe washer but some sizes are available by request.

Round Nose

Sizes: 6x8mm, 7x9mm, 8x10mm, 9x13mm 

         11x15mm & 13x18mm 

Colours: Black & Dark Brown (only in 11x15mm & 13x18mm)

****These items are small so they may potentially cause choking hazard for young children, please keep them out of reach from children under the age of 5 and not recommended to use them for children's toys.