Merino Wool Sliver - 31 Colours Felting Wool in 30 or 50 grams

  • $6.70

Merino wool has always been using for high standard garments. They are one of the softest and finest wool in the world.

Our Merino wool sliver is 100% NZ wool from South Island. They are in high quality, very soft and easy to felt. The careful selected 31 vibrant colours and 4 natural colours are ideal for nuno felt, wet felting, needle felting, spinning and other kind of fibre art.

You can choose 30 grams or 50 grams in each colour or  get different quantity 

**(Please notice the Grey colour in Merino wool is lighter than in Corriedale wool )

The wool are scoured (washed) using an environmentally friendly,  biodegradable detergent, then dried and dyed. The dyes comply with the strict EU regulations and garments made from the sliver can be certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This standard is the most widely known standard for certification of ecologically-safe clothing. (Detailed information can be found at ). - information is from our supplier Ashford Handicrafts.