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Felting Needles Set - 10 Felting Needles

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Sorry, this item only in back order as some needles are out of stocks. 

The felting needles we have are carefully selected. They are for you to explore new techniques and ideas in your needle felting projects. 

You can get a full set of 10 (1 each). 32 gauge (coarse) to 42 gauge (super fine) 

1. 32 gauge TRIANGLE - sturdy needle for heavy duty work, best work with coarse wool (9cm long)
2. 36 gauge TRIANGLE – deep & fast felting for coarse wool 
3. 40 gauge TRIANGLE – a fine gauge all-purpose needle 
4. 36 gauge STAR – for fast making shape but smaller hole than triangle, Great for hardening. 
5. 38 gauge STAR – fast making shape with smoother surface (I use this for making my felted cactus plant) 
6. 36 gauge TWISTED /SPIRAL – it can tangle fibre quicker & deeper (excellent for joining pieces together). 
7. 38 gauge TWISTED / SPIRAL – deep punctures and adding details but have smoother surface. 
8. 40 gauge – TWISTED / SPIRAL Ultra dense & give a very smooth finished surface 
9. 42 gauge TRIANGLE – an extra fine needle for finishing (the barbs are very close to the tip so it minimizing the surface holes and gives a neat finish) and it is also excellent for 2D felting/wool painting (not for coarse wool) 
10. 42 gauge – CROWN needle (3 barbs, one barbs on 1 edge). excellent for fine details eg. eye and face expression, 2D felting project / wool painting and it is also a rooting needle for dolls making.

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