Felting Needles Special Price for Schools, Teachers & Art Groups

  • $17.00
  • Save $-1

We support schools, teachers and art groups teaching needle felting. We offer big discounts for big quantities of felting needles. 

1. 32 gauge TRIANGLE - 9cm long, sturdy needle for heavy duty work, best work with coarse wool 

2. 36 gauge TRIANGLE – deep & fast felting for coarse wool (best starter needles for students).

3. 38 gauge TRIANGLE - A all purpose needle (can be use for Merino wool as well)
4. 40 gauge TRIANGLE – A finer gauge needle good for finishing work and some details work (also good for work on Merino wool )

Please email me if you like to choose your own different sizes combinations or bigger quantity. 

To keep your felting needles safe and tidy you can click here to buy a felting needles container to store them. They are from $1.70 each. 

All Felting needles are for dry felting, they may rust if exposed to water.