Crown Needle & Extra Fine Felting Needle

  • $6.40

1). 42G Crown felting needle 

2). 42G Extra fine triangle felting needle 

- 42G Crown felting needle is the most common use on reborn dolls adding hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The crown needle only have 3 barbs. The barbs are locate one on each edge on the single row toward the tip. It gives the felted project a very smooth surface. 

- 42G extra fine triangle felting needle (Our needle has barbs very close to the tip of the needle - only 3.18mm) . So that the barbs are able to grab the wool fibre on the surface easily. 

Both of these are also great for 2D needle felting / wool painting as their barbs are located very close to the tip. They will help you to create a smooth surface easier than other felting needles.