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Pick the felting needles that suit your needle felting project. Needles break easily; consider ordering extra needles for your project. 

The felting needles we have are carefully selected. They are all you need for needle felting. From 32 gauge (for coarse wool ) to 42 gauge (super fine for Merino)

1. 32G Triangle – Sturdy needle for heavy duty work , use for coarse wool not suitable for details & smooth finished work (9.2cm in length)
2. 36G Triangle – also for coarse work but leave smaller hole on surface. 
3. 40G Triangle – A fine gauge common use needle, not recommend for coarse work 
4. 36G Reverse/Unfelt - felting needle with backwards barbs. It pulls fiber out instead of felting it in! It can create a special effects on the surface of a blended colours projects. Fiber Art Artist Kay Petal call it UNfelter. 
5. 36G Star – quick felt needle. Great for joining pieces together 
6. 38G Star – quick felt needle but leave less hole on surface 
7. 38G Spiral – for hardening and deep punctures 
8. 40G Spiral – Ultra dense & will give a smooth finished on surface 
9. 42G Triangle – extra fine needle, excellent for details and 2D wool painting 
10. 42G Crown – It is a needle very good for added very fine details , for example adding hair and eyes colours. 

Notice: These needles are sharp and should be use with care, we recommend to be use by ages 8 and up , 12 and under with adult supervision.