9 Colours Wool Roving Pack - Pastels

  • $16.00

These carefully selected multi colours pack are an excellent choice for all kind of fibre art: needle felting, mini weaving, embellishing, wool dreadlocks and adding a spot of colour into spinning or wet felting.

6 different combination and 9 colours in each pack . (10-12gms in each colour).

The Pastels pack colours are  : Light Pink , Light Blue, Skin, Rose Pink, Lemon, Honey, Lilac, Mint and Natural White. 

Corriedale Wool is one of the best wools for needle felting and weaving. They are vibrant in colour and very soft. The natural springy texture making it easy on the needle and leave a minimum of fibre sticking out of the felted items.

You can also buy them in individual colour itself from  20-30gms or 50-100gms

**Our Corriedale wool is from  NZ South Island sheep farms with high standard quality. The dyes comply with the strict EU regulations.