Ashford Multi Colour Wool Pack - 9 different combinations

  • $13.50

These beautiful multi colours wool pack are from Ashford Handicraft. Perfect for fibre crafts, needle felting, wet felting, spinning, weaving and knitting. 

9 different combination, each pack with with 100gms of wool in 7 colours.

Pastels : cupcake, ice, honey, lavender, mint, fog and white

Spring: lavender, grape jelly, pansy, candy floss, red, marshmallow and cupcake

Summer: Spearmint, mint, fern green, kiwifruit, green, lime and bean sprout

Autumn: Magenta, purple, chilli pepper, tangerine, orange, strawberry & raspberry

Winter: white, blueberry, indigo, lilac, blue, lagoon & bubblegum

Rainbow bright : turquoise, magenta, red, purple, orange, yellow & green

Furry friend: White, toffee, chocolate, grey, black, butterscotch & cookie

Tuscany: Amethyst, Slate, Olive Green, Aubergine, Nutmeg, Truffle, Fern Green

Neutrals: Truffle, Slate, Fog, Natural Light, Natural Medium, Natural Dark and White

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