100 grams Natural Colour Wool Roving - Mocha

100 grams Natural Colour Wool Roving - Mocha

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100 grams Natural Colour wool for needle felting, wet felting or weaving. 

Colour: Mocha

They are very soft and easy to form into shapes. The beautiful natural colour make them perfect as a top coat for needle felting animals such as bunny, monkey, squirrel, cattle, sheep & raccoon....I normally use the white colour core wool to make the basic shape and use them as a top coat (depending on the size of animal you are making). 

They can also be use for creating natural colour landscape wool painting.

Natural colour wool are excellent choice for weaving and they are great for spinning as well.

These wool are in natural colour. They may be slightly different from the photo showed and colour could be deeper or lighter in different batch. 

They have been clean and well washed but will still contain small amounts of vegetable matter.