6 Felting Needles for needle felting - Triangle blade

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A great start for needle felting. It would be a better idea to have more then 1 needle in each size when you are new to needle felting. Felting needle is delicate and they will break easily if use them incorrectly. The blades and notches wear down (dulled) naturally over time. It is a better idea to have a couple of spare felting needles.  

3 Sizes: 32 gauge, 36 gauge & 40 gauge

32G - 9cm long, A sturdy needle for heavy duty work and bigger items (new stocks are 7.5cm long and in red colour code)

36G - standard good beginners needle

40G - A fine gauge all-purpose needle and for finishing work. Good for working with Merino wool as well. 

Type: Triangle blade