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Felting Needles will get blunt after using for a period of time and they can be break sometime unexpectedly. It is a good idea to keep a couple of extra needles just for in case.

We have the biggest selection of felting needle in NZ. They are carefully selected to suit different felting projects.

From 32 gauge (for coarse wool ) to 42 gauge (super fine for Merino)

  1. 32G Triangle – sturdy needle for heavy duty work and bigger items. Best use with coarse wool not suitable for details work (9cm in length)
  2. 36G Triangle – Standard good beginner’s needle
  3. 38G Triangle – Finer beginner’s needle with smoother surface
  4. 40G Triangle – A fine gauge all-purpose needle and can be used for finishing work. Good for working with Merino wool
  5. 36G Star – for making shapes quickly, 4 sides with barbs to felt
  6. 36G Reverse/Unfelt - Untangles fiber and for create special effects (pulling out fiber inside out)
  7. 38G Star - for making shapes quickly with smoother surfaces and good penetration
  8. 38G Star Twisted – For extra fast felting & making shapes but leaves smaller marks on the surface. Good for working with Merino wool.
  9. 38G Spiral (Twisted) – good for hardening and deep penetration
  10. 40G Spiral (Twisted) – Ultra dense & gives a very smooth finish. Good for working with Merino wool.
  11. 42G Triangle – extra fine needle for finishing, adding fine details for sculptures and excellent for 2 D felting (wool painting). Good for working with Merino wool
  12. 42G Crown – 1 barb each side. Excellent for 2 D felting and adding fine details for sculptures. Good for working Merino wool.

Notice: These needles are sharp and should be use with care, we recommend to be use by ages 8 and up , 12 and under with adult supervision.

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