Felting Needles Set - 11 felting needles

  • $16.00

Biggest felting needles selection in NZ -  A full set of 11 needles with a screw-top bottle for safe storage.

These felting needles are carefully selected for all your needle felting need.

From 32 gauge (for coarse wool ) to 42 gauge (super fine that suitable for Merino felting)

1. 32G Triangle – sturdy needle for heavy duty work and bigger items. Best use with coarse wool not suitable for details work (9cm in length)
2. 36G Triangle – Standard good beginners needle
3. 40G Triangle – A fine gauge all-purpose needle and can be use for finishing work. Good for working with Merino wool
4. 36G Star – for making shapes quickly, 4 sides with barbs to felt 
5. 36G Reverse/Unfelt - Untangles fiber and for create special effects (pulling out fiber inside out)                                                                                                                        6. 38G Star Twisted - For extra fast felting & making shapes but leaves smaller marks on the surface. Good for working with Merino wool.    
7. 38G Star – for making shapes quickly with smoother surfaces and good penetration
8. 38G Spiral (Twisted) – good for hardening and deep penetration
9. 40G Spiral (Twisted) – Ultra dense & gives a very smooth finish. Good for working with Merino wool. 
10. 42G Triangle – extra fine needle for finishing, adding fine details for sculptures and excellent for 2 D felting (wool painting). Good for working with Merino wool 
11. 42G Crown – 1 barb each side. Excellent for 2 D felting and adding fine details for sculptures. Good for working Merino wool. 

Notice: These needles are sharp and should be use with care, we recommend to be use by ages 8 and up , 12 and under with adult supervision.