Needle Felting Starter Guide

Posted by Joanna Choy on

Needle felting is a fabulous hobby for everyone from age 8 to 80+. It is easy to learn and fun. The technique is easy (and repetitive). The more you practise, the better you will get.

* No sewing, knitting or crocheting skill require. The range of items and projects you can create are unbelievable big.

* No time limit, no pattern need to follow. You can start a project today and stop for some time if you are busy then pick it up again whenever you are available again.

* Simple to start with - The costs of starting it are simple and affordable. You only need 3 things to start with: a few tiny felting needles, a small work station (for example : a foam pad) and some un-spin fibre (wool roving).

What needle felting is & How it works / how to do needle felting?

Needle felting actually is quite simple. You use a specially designed felting needle to poke into the loose fibre, the needle grab the strands of wool fibre together and pull them down but will not bring them back when the needle is pulled out.

As you continue the poking action you will notice your wool becoming more compact. Just keep poking until you have the shape you want. The photo    below shows how the fibre being felted by the felting needle.

How needle felting works


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